Thursday, October 30, 2008


There is much support to say that the Snake in the Garden of Eden refers to the male Penis in its various stages of movements.

How old this interpretation is, is difficult to say, but it must have been very early, and even before the Bible was written, which of course, was in stages.

We intend to throw light on this fascinating subject confronting it from various directions so that full light may be focused on it. It will also be illustrated with pictures from various sources, not the least by the photography of Ditlieb Felderer, who has taken thousands of pictures throughout his life, touching various subjects.

Pentecostals, the religion to which Alaska politician, Sarah Palin, belongs, is probably the foremost of the Evangelicals actually doing snake handling acts, supporting this with Mark 16:18. Such Snake Handling is not always without danger and people have died in the process. Whether Sarah Palin has herself done any Snake Handling, except for the human snake, is not known. Pentecostals usually don't speak to the world about it.

We certainly do not recommend such acts, be they religious or otherwise. To handle Snakes is a long and tedious study requiring full concentration. Also, much of Snake Handling is a fraud, in which various cruelties to the Snakes are done which we should be reminded of.

That the Penis well represents a Snake is obvious in studying its various movements, from its slack Olah stage, moving up to erection, which in itself consists of various stages, to its spitting out the white semen, at times contracting like a Snake trying to shake itself free, as it spits out the white semen.

It is therefore not surprising that people of the past have interpreted the Garden of Eden Snake with the male Penis.

Furthermore, an active person has also a greater movement in the Penis. Thus a women can actually feel such a Penis moving around inside her at contact, greatly increasing her stimulation to multitude orgasms. Such movements are apart from the in and out sexual act.

Visually also, a woman is intrigued by watching an active Penis as it somehow seems to be an extra individual on the male body. All this, must have stimulated people of the past to various visual similarities and fantasies.

Snake Worship, Phallic Worship, or Fertility Cult Worship are probably the oldest cult worships in existence. Here is a vast corpus of information involved, not to speak about the fascination of Snakes themselves in nature.

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